ReadyGEN™ RG200 Solar Powered Generator (#SPG2011)

ReadyGEN™  RG200 provides 200W continuous output power and 400W peak output power. This portable power source can power your home appliances and electronics during a power outage, or emergency. It's perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, tailgating, RV's or using at a cabin. 
The ReadyGEN RG200 is a safe, reliable, convenient and easy to use portable power source. There is no installation required. It's a stand alone, self-contained clean alternative power source. No gas is required, so no smelly or dangerous fumes to worry about. And it is essentially maintenance free.
Output Voltage:         AC pure-sin wave 110V/60HZ or
Output Wave:            Pure-sine wave
Battery Model:          3.7V2600mAh (18650-16P7S)
Battery Capacity        10.8V 17.85Ah
Battery Type:            Lithium battery
Charging Time:         5-6H
Life of Battery:         >1000 Cycle 70%
Charging Voltage:      DC 29.4V 15a     AC 80-260V
Protection:                  Short, overload, battery protection
Working Environment: -20 degrees C - 60 degrees C
Dimensions:               L190'xW127'xH175 (inch)
Shell Material:            UL94-VO PC+ABS
Weight:                       2 lbs.
12 month warranty from date of purchase. Extended 2 year warranty available for purchase. IMPORTANT: Read all instructions before use. Observe all Input/output connector ratings. Use in a ventilated area and while in use do not obstruct fan openings. Do not stack anything on top of unit in storage or in use. Do NOT operate in wet conditions. Do not insert foreign objects into the unit. Check for dirt, dust or moisture on a regular basis. Any manipulation to the unit or its components will void all warranties. Before using/storing charge fully. Fully charge every 3-4 months and store in cool, dry place. No refunds on this item after 30 days as warranty will apply.